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It's been about 6 months since I first contacted Moira. At the time I was sitting in my apartment waiting for Horders to show up or (honestly) to be forcefully evicted/ penalized for not keeping up the place. It had been years since my infant son died & my husband left & none of my efforts at sorting, purging or cleaning seemed to make any real progress. I was finally waking up to the fact that it was possible my  ADHD could possibly be part of that (I was diagnosed at 35 & never sought treatment/support because I thought my coping skills were working. Now I'm 51). On the recommendation of a friend I reached out to Moira on a Saturday not expecting to get any response until business hours on Monday. But she responded within hours. If we didn't talk that day we did the next & it's been like having an old friend as my coach ever since. She gets it. She gets it because she has it but also because she's studied this. She has been so helpful not just in me understanding how my brain works (my particular style of ADHD) & thus how I could work better but also in helping me breakdown all that needed to be done into smaller more manageable tasks *without* slipping into ADHD hyperfocus. It's been an incredible journey. In 6 short months I've been able to take two trips & leave knowing the house was in order enough that I didn't need to dread returning. I've actually willingly let someone else into my space and, as that same friend put it, I'm creating a home. And as I'm creating it... also creating the systems that will help it run in ways that work for me. So in summary... she's amazing & she can help you be as well...& you deserve to be... so call her! Miwa


Moira has been a literal godsend for me, my youngest daughter, and our entire family. I always had a notion that I had ADD. For years I found ways to stabilize the worst parts with forced control via the military… or multiple side jobs to keep idle hands busy. Fast forward to 2020 and COVID eliminated every bit of structure I had falsely set up as protection. Worse yet, I was watching my youngest drown in the deep, tumultuous waters of ADHD. Moira became our life raft. She helped us understand our diagnosis, helped us with tools to OWN our brains, and the ability to be resilient when ADD beat us a little. There’s so much work for both of us to do, but I cannot help but cry a little knowing how far we’ve come in a few months. For the first time, I know we will be better for ourselves, our family, and our futures. I would recommend Moira 1000x over if you’re looking for real command of your ADD/ADHD.


I am a caregiver and wife of a wonderful husband and amazing little girl! I felt so lost before I was referred to Moira for coaching with my family. I had read books, explored topics in therapy but I was super stuck. I was worried I was labeling a child before I gave her a chance. I was worried medication was just an easy “quick fix”. I was in the dark and just lacking guidance and support. 
With in weeks my entire family could speak privately one on one with her to break down situations and new tools to help us have success, not burnout. I can not recommend her services enough to individuals I meet that are struggling. She helped me connect the dots and become more fluid with my family’s ultimate needs to be successful and have self-awareness. I went in with hope and we are living with new goals and excitement for the future. She told me to “watch out my life was going to change too!” Her services aren’t just for those with the diagnosis, she comes to the table with expertise for the entire family to grow! We now live life knowing that we can all help each other with what we have learned and that maintaining our parts helps the family. From a caregiver role, I have enjoyed the coaching and applications she has guided me through. Parenting is hard but having new tools has made it more productive when a challenge hits! 


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