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About Me

If you landed here you are probably in no mood to read about me or if you have ADHD you will get distracted and not even finish reading "About Me". So here are the highlights:​

My journey with ADHD unbeknownst to me started in 1977, at the age of 5 years old, when I was "gently" told I would need to repeat Kindergarten 😳. Yes, I apparently failed kindergarten. More on that later. 

 25 years later, at the age of 30, thanks to a very nice therapist, (that's another story, too), I was officially diagnosed with ADHD, and well... that explained all the trials and tribulations, since kindergarten. But not until 12 years later at the age of 42, with a frustrated "TYPE A" husband, and 7 year old son that was diagnosed with ADHD,  did I get serious about understanding this neurological disorder as I could not bear to watch my child struggle as I had.

So, I read, watched, and listened to everything that I could get my hands on. Oh and yes I finally got medicated 💊 (but that's not for everyone and that's ok too).

Fast forward to today. I am passionate about helping others understand their brains, because the brain is involved in everything you do. I am not a marriage counselor, psychologist, social worker, neuroscientist, behavior therapist or nutritionist (but let's be clear if I could focus long enough to learn-- I probably would be). I am a coach, who will take the time through  techniques, and tools for teaching better brain health.


Brain Health Professional, Amen University

ADHD/Life Coach, Attention Deficit Disorder Academy

Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Neuroscience Fundamentals, Harvard University

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